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How To Use A Zero-Based Budget

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Zero-based budgeting , also known as ZBB, is a method of budgeting in which all expenses must be justified and approved for each new period.

Make sure your expenses match what’s coming in monthly and you’re using every dollar. It doesn’t mean you have zero balance in your bank account. It means your income minus all your expenses (outgo) equals zero.

If your monthly income is $5,000, you want everything…

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How to Save Money on Your Phone

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If you’ve got a smartphone, there’s a good chance you use it a large percentage of the day. Whether streaming music, checking Facebook, texting friends or taking photos, these devices are built of everyday use.

The problem with these digital extensions of our arms is they’re comprised of data-hungry little components like apps.

The first thing worth asking is, how much data do you use per month? The second, how much do you spend on your phone bill?

MyFi has come up with some handy ways to reduce data usage in hope of reducing your overall phone bill each month. We all know that one megabyte over your limit can cost an exorbitant amount.

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How to Save Money on Petrol

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In our last MyFi blog post, we looked at some handy ways to save money at our weekly shop. Now, we’re going to look at another really expensive aspect of living in 2019 — petrol.

Most of us have cars, because most of us enjoy the luxury of transporting oneself to another location without having to know bus schedules, tram schedules, train schedules, or pay for ride-sharing services.

We’ve all probably got someone in our lives, you know, that one grandparents who says, “Back in my day, petrol cost 10 cents a litre.” Not today, Grandpa! Petrol is expensive! And it’s only getting more expensive it seems!

So, how do we save money on petrol? Here’s how!

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How To Save Money With Your Weekly Shop

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Firstly, welcome to the MyFi blog… your one-stop financial shop. Here you’ll find all the financial and budgeting helpful hints you’ll need. We’re going to kick off this ongoing source of handy information with perhaps one of the most important, perhaps the most ongoing expense of your life, and perhaps one of the easiest ways to shave off a couple extra savings… your weekly shop.

Whether you’re pushing your trolley around Coles, Woolworths, Aldi or otherwise, there are savings to be had by all. Here’s a list of simple ways to save money with your weekly shop.

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