How To Save Money On Your Car Service

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How To Save Money On Your Car Service - MyFi Loans New Zealand

Car service apps

Car service apps are adopting the approach of their successful competitions, offering clients with much needed services — from booking a ride to car repair and maintenance.

Getting around the city or finding a mechanic is a lot easier and economical, thanks to these apps! Here are some recommendations for you.


CarGuru offers customers convenience! They understand that it’s stressful for customers to find a reliable, local mechanic. CarGuru makes it convenient and as easy as possible to access a well-suited, high quality, local mechanic.

CarGuru gives quotes and lets you book from an entire marketplace nationwide, 24/7. This is something that hasn’t been done before in the automotive service and repair industry. Search, get quotes, compare, and book.

  • Download the CarGuru app.
  • Put in your car details, location, and type of service or repair.
  • Get instant quotes from mechanics in your area for services and repairs.
  • For more complex repairs, you’ll receive up to three quotes within 24 hours.
  • Have complete access to reviews by real customers to give you full transparency for increased confidence when booking.
  • Book and pay.
  • CarGuru handles the whole process.

Vehicle maintenance

Keep a full service history for your car. To maintain peak efficiency, a vehicle requires maintenance and regular inspection. These keep the car running with better kilometres per litre fuel economy.

Oil Change

The most important maintenance routine for a vehicle are regular oil changes. Sludge will develop with old oil and clog the proper passage through the engine. These cause damaging friction and heat to the internal parts.

Fluid Levels

Regularly check your transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, and engine coolant levels.

If you noticed they are going low constantly, there’s a cause that needs to be fixed.

If left under filled for too long, fluid levels can cause a major breakdown.


Once or twice a month, tire pressure should be checked with a tire pressure gauge. Low pressure reduces fuel economy, while too high a pressure makes tire wear out prematurely.

Aside from air pressure, occasionally rotate and balance your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.


For battery, solid connection and corrosion on the terminals need to be inspected regularly. It’s easier and cheaper to fix or clean off corrosion early on than wait until you need to replace the battery and cables.

Vehicle finance

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