Key Information Concerning Consumer Credit Contract

The following information is the key information concerning a consumer credit contract as is applicable:

Full name and address of creditor

(a)       Company Name:   BHF Solutions (NZ) Pty Ltd (‘BHF’)
Company No:        7374139
Address:                  Level 31, Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street, Auckland, 1010

Initial unpaid balance

Please refer to the unique Initial Disclosures document that has been emailed to your specified email address.

Subsequent advance

(b)      There are no subsequent advances under this loan agreement

Total advances

(c)       The total advance is reference in your unique Initial Disclosures emailed to your specified email address.
The advance will be made by BHF in accordance with the loan agreement.

Credit limit

(d)      BHF does not have credit limits.  Each loan application is assessed independently.
A suitable loan amount is offered based on your needs and the loans affordability

Annual interest rate

(e)       BHF does not charge interest

Method of charging interest

(f)        Not applicable

Total interest charges

(g)      Not applicable

Interest free period

(h)      Not applicable

Credit fees and charges

(i)        Please refer to the unique Initial Disclosures document that has been emailed to your specified email address.
The loan fee is payable in conjunction with the loan amount in intervals and amounts that will be agreed to in your loan agreement

Payments required

(j)        If you pay in accordance with your loan agreement, the total repayment amount will be the specified amount as per your Initial Disclosures sent to you.
Repayments will be made at intervals and amounts that will be agreed to in your loan

Full prepayment

(k)      There is no penalty to you for full prepayment

Security interest

(l)        BHF Solutions will take no security interests

Disabling devices

(m)     Not Applicable

Default interest charges and default fees

(n)      If you are unable to meet the obligations under the loan agreement you will be liable for:
                            (i)         a default fee of: $20.00
                           (ii)        default interest on the outstanding amount of: 20% p.a. calculated and compounding daily

Debtors right to cancel

(o)      You have the right to cancel your loan agreement by giving written notice to BHF within five (5) working days from the date of this statement.  If you have already received funds under the loan agreement you must return the loan amount less any repayments, you have already made to BHF within 15 working days from the date you give notice of cancellation of the loan.

Debtors right to apply for relief on grounds of unforeseen hardship

(p)      If you are unable to reasonably meet your obligations under the loan agreement due to unforeseen financial hardship, please contact us in writing advising us of the reason you are unable to meet your obligations.

Once we receive your notice, we will contact you to discuss and implement ways that we can finalise your agreement with us in a manner that is financially viable for you.

You will not receive any charges from BHF if your apply for and receive relief on the grounds of unforeseen hardship.

Continuing disclosure statements

(q)      Continuing disclosure statements are provided every six (6) months from the loan start date until the finalisation of the loan.

Consent to electronic communications

(r)        All communications and written notices can be provided to BHF via email.

Dispute resolution

(s)       If you have any complaints or disputes please lodge a complaint including your Name and Contact details via our website by going to clicking on “Contact Us” in the menu bar.  One of our complaints specialists will be in contact to work with you to resolve the dispute.
(t)       BHF is also a member of Financial Dispute Resolution Service (“FDR”).  This is a dispute resolution service that is free to our customers.  We ask that you first contact BHF directly to resolve this dispute before engaging the services of FDR.

The details of FDR are as follows:
0508 337 337
BHF Member Number: 

Registration under Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008

(u)      BHF Solutions (NZ) Pty Ltd is registered with the Financial Service Providers Register.  FSP669311

Other items


Borrowing small amounts of money can be expensive and it may not solve your monetary problems.  Please make sure you consider all your options before you choose to borrow.

The Commerce Commission provides useful information on borrowing money and using credit on its website:

Instead of borrowing, you may want to consider speaking with your utilities and other providers to see if a payment plan can be worked out.

If you chose to borrow, make sure it is only for short-term, once off and/or emergency needs.  Not long-term or regular borrowing.